naphthaleneacetic acid etymology

English word naphthaleneacetic acid comes from English acetic acid, English naphthalene

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acetic acid English (eng) (organic compound) A clear colourless organic acid, CH3COOH, formed by the oxidation of ethanol; it is used as a solvent and has very many industrial applications; it is the major acidic component of vinegar.
naphthalene English (eng) (organic compound) An aromatic bicyclic hydrocarbon, C10H8; an acene containing two fused benzene rings.. A white crystalline hydrocarbon manufactured from coal tar; used in mothballs.
naphthaleneacetic acid English (eng) (organic compound) Either of two isomeric carboxylic acids in which a carboxymethyl group is attached to a naphthalene residue; the 1- isomer is an auxin.

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Descendants of acetic acid
distilled verdigris oxaloacetate
Descendants of naphthalene
naphthalate naphthalenic naphthalic naphthazarin naphthoic phthalic thionaphthene