narcopath etymology

English word narcopath comes from English narco-, English -path

Detailed word origin of narcopath

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narco- English (eng) Of or pertaining to narcotics or their trade and use.. Pertaining to stupor, sleep, or a state of unconsciousness.
-path English (eng) Used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular capability, as a type of remedial treatment. Used to form nouns indicating someone with a particular disorder.
narcopath English (eng) One who has sociopathic tendencies due to drug abuse.

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Descendants of narco-
narcoanalysis narcoanalyst narcoanalytic narcoanalytical narcobourgeois narcoculture narcodollar narcoeconomy narcoguerrilla narcohypnosis narcoleptic narcomaniac narcomilitary narcopathic narcosis narcostate narcosuggestion narcosynthesis narcoterrorism narcotherapeutic narcotherapy narcotrafficker narcotrafficking narcoviolence
Descendants of -path
allopath homeopath neuropath osteopath sociopathy technopath theopath