necrolatry etymology

English word necrolatry comes from English -latry (Worship of.), English necro- (Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.)

Detailed word origin of necrolatry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-latry English (eng) Worship of.
necro- English (eng) Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.
necrolatry English (eng) The practice of worshipping or revering the dead.

Words with the same origin as necrolatry

Descendants of -latry
angelolatry autolatry bibliolatrist bibliolatry chronolatry cosmolatry demolatry epeolatry gynolatry heliolatry hierolatry hoplolatry ideolatry idiolatry logolatry mechanolatry numerolatry phytolatry plutolatry psycholatry pyrolatry thanatolatry theriolatry zoolatry
Descendants of necro-
necrochemical necrocracy necrocyte necrocytosis necrogenic necrogenous necrohormone necroinflammation necroinflammatory necrologist necromancer necropants necrophagy necrophile necrophobe necrophore necrophyte necropolitical necropolitics necropost necropsy necrosome necrotroph necrozoophilia