necrophore etymology

English word necrophore comes from English -phore (Bearer, carrier or conveyor.), English necro- (Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.)

Detailed word origin of necrophore

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-phore English (eng) Bearer, carrier or conveyor.
necro- English (eng) Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.
necrophore English (eng) Any of various beetles that bury the carcasses of small vertebrates (such as birds and rodents) as a food source for their larvae.

Words with the same origin as necrophore

Descendants of -phore
adenophorous androphore carpophore chromophore electrophore gametophore iodophor luminophore mechanophore myophore nectophore odontophore onomatophore oophore oöphore phagophore pharmacophore photophore pogonophore polyphore rhinophoral semantophore siderophore zygophore
Descendants of necro-
necrochemical necrocracy necrocyte necrocytosis necrogenic necrogenous necrohormone necroinflammation necroinflammatory necrolatry necrologist necromancer necropants necrophagy necrophile necrophobe necrophyte necropolitical necropolitics necropost necropsy necrosome necrotroph necrozoophilia