necropsy etymology

English word necropsy comes from English necro- (Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.), English -opsy ((medicine) examination.)

Detailed word origin of necropsy

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necro- English (eng) Forming compound words related to death or dead tissue.
-opsy English (eng) (medicine) examination.
necropsy English (eng) (medicine) The pathological examination of a corpse, particularly to determine cause of death. [from 19th c.] The act of performing a necropsy.

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necrochemical necrocracy necrocyte necrocytosis necrogenic necrogenous necrohormone necroinflammation necroinflammatory necrolatry necrologist necromancer necropants necrophagy necrophile necrophobe necrophore necrophyte necropolitical necropolitics necropost necrosome necrotroph necrozoophilia