needless etymology

English word needless comes from English -less (Lacking (something); without (something).), English need

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-less English (eng) Lacking (something); without (something).
need English (eng) (countable, and, uncountable) A requirement for something; something needed.. Lack of means of subsistence; poverty; indigence; destitution. (intransitive) To be required; to be necessary.. (modal verb) To be obliged or required (to do something).. (obsolete, transitive) To be necessary (to someone).. (transitive) To have an absolute requirement for.. (transitive) To want strongly; to feel [...]
needless English (eng) Not needed; unnecessary.

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Descendants of -less
breathless clueless countless defenseless fearless flawless hopeless meaningless merciless penniless pointless priceless regardless relentless ruthless selfless senseless sleepless thoughtless timeless toothless topless useless wireless