negro etymology

English word negro comes from Hittite e-grade

Detailed word origin of negro

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e-grade Hittite (hit)
*nékʷts Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
niger Latin (lat) Bad; evil; ill-omened. Shining black (as opposed to ater, dull black).
negro Old Portuguese (roa-opt) Black.
negro Portuguese (por) (literary) dark (associated with evil). Black in colour. Black; dark-skinned Black (the darkest colour). Black; negro (dark-skinned person).
negro English (eng) (dated, now, offensive) Black or dark brown in color.. (dated, now, offensive) Relating to the black ethnicity.

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Descendants of e-grade
cannot fortnight goodnight midnight naught naughty nigga nigger night nightcap nightclub nightfall nightgown nightingale nightly nightmare nights nighttime noir nor not overnight tonight whatnot