nematodynamics etymology

English word nematodynamics comes from English dynamics, English nemato- ((compound prefix) nemat- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of nematodynamics

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dynamics English (eng) (mechanics) The branch of mechanics that is concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of objects.. (music) The volume of the sound, such as piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, and forte.
nemato- English (eng) (compound prefix) nemat- + -o-.
nematodynamics English (eng) (physics) The study of the orientation dynamics of nematic (flowless) liquid crystals.

Words with the same origin as nematodynamics

Descendants of dynamics
MD MPD MPDD MPDE MPDP MPDT magnetodynamic magnetoplasmadynamic pharmacodynamic psychodynamic
Descendants of nemato-
nemathelminth nematocidal nematocyte nematofaunal nematohydrodynamic nematotoxic nematotoxicity