neoplasia etymology

English word neoplasia comes from English neo-, English -plasia ((medicine) Growth or formation.)

Detailed word origin of neoplasia

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neo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Being a newly-discovered or -synthesized variant of an existing compound. (organic chemistry) Having a structure, similar to that of neopentane, in which each hydrogen atom of a methyl group has been replaced by an alkyl group. Contemporary. New.
-plasia English (eng) (medicine) Growth or formation.
neoplasia English (eng) (biology) The formation of new tissue. (medicine) The formation of a neoplasm.

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Descendants of neo-
Neoplatonic neo neobehaviourism neoburlesque neoclassical neocommunism neoconservativism neocortex neodymium neoepithelialization neogrammatical neoliberalist neolite neomercantilism neonatal neopatrimonial neopenis neophallus neorealism neosilicate neotetrazolium neothalamus neotraditional neourethra
Descendants of -plasia
anaplasic dysplasia euplasia heteroplasia hyperplasia hyperplastic hyperplastic polyp hypoplasia macroplasia neoplastic nonhyperplastic normoplasia preneoplastic