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English word neorealism comes from English neo-, English realism

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neo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Being a newly-discovered or -synthesized variant of an existing compound. (organic chemistry) Having a structure, similar to that of neopentane, in which each hydrogen atom of a methyl group has been replaced by an alkyl group. Contemporary. New.
realism English (eng) (philosophy) A doctrine that universals are real—they exist and are distinct from the particulars that instantiate them.. (sciences) The viewpoint that an external reality exists independent of observation.. A concern for fact or reality and rejection of the impractical and visionary.. An artistic representation of reality as it is.
neorealism English (eng) (arts) A movement in art, literature and (especially in Italy) cinema, shortly after the Second World War, that concentrated on real life.. (political science) A theory of international relations based on the idea that power is the most important factor.

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