nephrosclerosis etymology

English word nephrosclerosis comes from English nephro- (Of or relating to the kidneys.), English sclerosis

Detailed word origin of nephrosclerosis

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nephro- English (eng) Of or relating to the kidneys.
sclerosis English (eng) (pathology) The abnormal hardening of body tissues, such as an artery.
nephrosclerosis English (eng) (pathology) arteriosclerosis of the renal arteries.

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Descendants of nephro-
nephralgia nephrectomy nephritic nephroblastoma nephrocalcinosis nephrocarcinoma nephrocardiac nephrodialysis nephrogenesis nephrogenic nephrogenous nephrogram nephrography nephrolith nephropathic nephropexy nephroplegia nephroptosis nephrorrhaphy nephrosclerotic nephrosis nephrostome nephrotomy nephrotoxic
Descendants of sclerosis