nephrotoxicity etymology

English word nephrotoxicity comes from English nephro- (Of or relating to the kidneys.), English toxicity

Detailed word origin of nephrotoxicity

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nephro- English (eng) Of or relating to the kidneys.
toxicity English (eng) (toxicology) Degree to which a toxic substance may harm a cell or organism.. (toxicology) The quality of being toxic.
nephrotoxicity English (eng) The state or condition of being nephrotoxic; toxicity that damages kidneys.

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Descendants of nephro-
nephralgia nephrectomy nephritic nephroblastoma nephrocalcinosis nephrocarcinoma nephrocardiac nephrodialysis nephrogenesis nephrogenic nephrogenous nephrogram nephrography nephrolith nephropathic nephropexy nephroplegia nephroptosis nephrorrhaphy nephrosclerosis nephrosclerotic nephrosis nephrostome nephrotomy nephrotoxic