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English word nervous comes from Latin nervus, and later Latin nervosus (Nervous. Sinewy. Vigorous, energetic.)

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nervus Latin (lat) (anatomy) A sinew, tendon, nerve, muscle.. (figuratively) Vigor, force, power, strength, energy, nerve.. (of plants) A fiber or fibre.. A cord, string or wire; string of a musical instrument; bow, bowstring; cords or wires by which a puppet is moved.. A thong with which a person was bound; fetter; prison.. The leather with which shields were covered.
nervosus Latin (lat) Nervous. Sinewy. Vigorous, energetic.
nervous Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
nervous English (eng) (obsolete) Of a piece of writing: forceful, powerful.. (obsolete) Showing nervous strength; vigorous; sinewy.. Apprehensive, anxious, hesitant, worried.. Easily agitated or alarmed; edgy, on edge.. Relating to or affecting the nerves.

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