neurosurgical etymology

English word neurosurgical comes from English surgical, English neuro-

Detailed word origin of neurosurgical

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surgical English (eng) Of, relating to, used in, or resulting from surgery.. Precise or very accurate.
neuro- English (eng) Forming compound words relating to nerves, nerve tissue, or the nervous system.
neurosurgical English (eng) Of, or pertaining to neurosurgery.

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Descendants of surgical
Descendants of neuro-
neurobiology neurobrucellosis neurochemical neurofibromatosis neurogenic neurohypnology neuroinformation neurologist neuroma neuroscience neuroscientist neurosecretion neurosemantics neurosis neurosteroid neurosurgeon neurosurgery neurotheological neurotic neurotoxicology neurotoxin neurotransmitter neurovascular neuroweapon