neutral etymology

English word neutral comes from Latin uter (Both. Either, which (of two).), Latin nam (Actually. Because. For. Thus.)

Detailed word origin of neutral

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
uter Latin (lat) Both. Either, which (of two).
nam Latin (lat) Actually. Because. For. Thus.
ne- Latin (lat) Absolutely negates the principal meaning.
neuter Latin (lat) (grammar) neuter (gender). (grammar) neuter, intransitive (of a verb). Neither.
neutraˡis Latin (lat) (grammar) neuter.
neutral Old French (fro)
neutral Middle French (frm)
neutral English (eng) (biology) Having no sex; neuter.. (chemistry) Having a pH near 7, neither acidic nor alkaline.. (grammar) Neither positive nor negative.. (physics) Neither positive nor negative; possessing no charge or equivalent positive and negative charge such that there is no imbalance.. Favouring neither the supporting nor opposing viewpoint of a topic of debate; unbiased.. Having no obvious colour; [...]

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