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English word nicery comes from English nice, English -ery

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nice English (eng) Used to signify a job well done.. Used to signify approval. (dated) Very small and thus liable to not being noticed.. (now, rare) Particular in one's conduct; scrupulous, painstaking; choosy. [from 14th c.]. (obsolete) Doubtful, as to the outcome; risky. [16th-19th c.]. (obsolete) Particular as regards rules or qualities; strict. [16th-19th c.]. (obsolete) Silly, ignorant; foolish. [...]
-ery English (eng) Art, craft or practice. Characteristic of. Class or group, collection of. Organisation or movement. Place of art, craft or practice.
nicery English (eng) (colloquial, dated) nicety.

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Niceville nyc
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bakery bribery buffoonery butchery cannery confectionery cookery crockery dairy debauchery distillery drudgery eatery fishery greenery gunnery hatchery midwifery refinery slavery snobbery thievery tom tomfoolery witchery