nitroglycerine etymology

English word nitroglycerine comes from English glycerine, English nitro- (Containing the nitro functional group. Nitrate, nitrogen.)

Detailed word origin of nitroglycerine

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glycerine English (eng) (organic compound) The common name for glycerol, glycerin or E422.
nitro- English (eng) Containing the nitro functional group. Nitrate, nitrogen.
nitroglycerine English (eng) (organic compound) The compound glyceryl-tri-nitrate or 1,2,3 tri-nitrooxy propane; the ester of glycerol with nitric acid; prepared by the careful addition of a mixture of nitric and sulphuric acids to glycerol with constant stirring and cooling; it is a thick, pale yellow liquid, that is highly explosive on concussion or on exposure to sudden heat; it is used in medicine as a vasodilator, [...]

Words with the same origin as nitroglycerine

Descendants of glycerine
glycerinate glycerous
Descendants of nitro-
N- N-tert-butyl- NTO TNT narced nitracline nitragin nitramine nitrian nitrilotriacetic nitrimine nitrofurantoin nitrogen nitrogeniferous nitrophilous nitrox ranitidine