nitromethane etymology

English word nitromethane comes from English methane, English nitro- (Containing the nitro functional group. Nitrate, nitrogen.)

Detailed word origin of nitromethane

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methane English (eng) (organic chemistry, countable) Any of very many derivatives of methane.. (organic compound, uncountable) The simplest aliphatic hydrocarbon, CH4, being a constituent of natural gas.
nitro- English (eng) Containing the nitro functional group. Nitrate, nitrogen.
nitromethane English (eng) (chemistry) the simplest nitroparaffin, CH3NO2. A colourless oily liquid used in organic synthesis, and as a fuel for rockets, racing cars and model aircraft.

Words with the same origin as nitromethane

Descendants of methane
methalox methanation methanic methanol
Descendants of nitro-
N- N-tert-butyl- NTO TNT narced nitracline nitragin nitramine nitrian nitrilotriacetic nitrimine nitrofurantoin nitrogen nitrogeniferous nitrophilous nitrox ranitidine