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English word nominee comes from English nominate, English -ee

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nominate English (eng) (zoology) nominotypical (obsolete) To entitle, confer a name upon.. To name someone as a candidate for a particular role or position, including that of an office.
-ee English (eng) Used to form diminutives. (legal) Used to form words meaning a person who is the other party to a contract involving a person described by the corresponding word ending in -or. (medicine) Used to form words meaning a person who has undergone a particular medical procedure. Added to verbs to form words meaning a person or thing that is the object of that verb (ie, to whom or to which an [...]
nominee English (eng) A person named, or designated, by another, to any office, duty, or position; one nominated, or proposed, by others for office or for election to office.. A person or organisation in whose name a security is registered though true ownership is held by another party, called nominator, especially for the purpose of concealing the identity of the nominator.. A person to whom the holder of a [...]

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committee pawnee trainee