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English word noninvasive comes from English invasive, English non-

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invasive English (eng) An invasive organism, as, a plant or animal. (medicine) (of a carcinoma etc) That invades healthy tissue; (of a procedure) in which part of the body is entered. (of a plant or animal) That grows in environments which do not harbor natural enemes, often to the detriment of native species or of food or garden flora and fauna.. Coming from outside; originating externally.. Intrusive on one's [...]
non- English (eng) Used in the sense of not, to negate the meaning of the word to which it is prefixed.
noninvasive English (eng) (medicine) Of a surgical or other medical procedure, not requiring an incision.. Not invasive.

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Descendants of invasive
invasivity invasivore
Descendants of non-
nonaccentual nonaggression nonalcoholic noncommittal nondenominational nondescript nondisclosure nonentity nonessential nonexistent nonfat nonfiction nonhuman nonlethal nonnegotiable nonpayment nonprofit nonrefundable nonrhoticity nonspecific nonstarter nonthreatening nontoxic nontraditional