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English word nonprofit comes from English profit, English non-

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profit English (eng) (intransitive, construed with from) To benefit, gain.. (intransitive, construed with from) To take advantage of, exploit, use.. (transitive) To benefit (somebody), be of use to (somebody). (accounting, economics) Total income or cash flow minus expenditures. The money or other benefit a non-governmental organization or individual receives in exchange for products and services sold at an [...]
non- English (eng) Used in the sense of not, to negate the meaning of the word to which it is prefixed.
nonprofit English (eng) An organization that exists for reasons other than to make a profit, such as a charitable, educational or service organization. Not seeking to produce a profit (a financial gain).

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nonaccentual nonaggression nonalcoholic noncommittal nondenominational nondescript nondisclosure nonentity nonessential nonexistent nonfat nonfiction nonhuman noninvasive nonlethal nonnegotiable nonpayment nonrefundable nonrhoticity nonspecific nonstarter nonthreatening nontoxic nontraditional