norman etymology

English word norman comes from Proto-Germanic *mann- ((Runic alphabet) name of the M-rune (ᛗ). Man.), Proto-Germanic *nurþrą (North, northern North, northward.)

Detailed word origin of norman

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*mann- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) (Runic alphabet) name of the M-rune (ᛗ). Man.
*nurþrą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) North, northern North, northward.
normant Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Norman.
normand French (fra) Norman (relating to Normandy).
norman English (eng) (nautical) A wooden bar, or iron pin.

Words with the same origin as norman

Descendants of *mann-
batman businessman chairman chap chop game gentleman man mankind match matches men moon policeman salesman set spoke sunset superman u upset us woman women
Descendants of *nurþrą
christie north northeast northern northwest