normocephalic etymology

English word normocephalic comes from English normo-, English -cephalic ((type or number of) head.)

Detailed word origin of normocephalic

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normo- English (eng) (mostly, biology) A normal (standard) level of something, as opposed to corresponding terms beginning with hyper- and hypo-.
-cephalic English (eng) (type or number of) head.
normocephalic English (eng) Having a normal-sized head; neither macrocephalic nor microcephalic; mesocephalic.

Words with the same origin as normocephalic

Descendants of normo-
normocalcaemia normocapnia normocholesterolemia normochromasia normocrinic normocyte normoerythrocyte normoglutaminemic normoglycemia normogonadic normogravity normohydrated normolipemia normolipidemic normophilia normophosphatemia normotension normotensive normothermic normotriglyceridemic abetalipoproteinaemia normouricemic normouricuric normoxia normozoospermic
Descendants of -cephalic
cynocephalic leptocephalic megacephalic megalocephalic monocephalic nanocephalic plagiocephalic polycephalic zoocephalic