normoplasia etymology

English word normoplasia comes from English normo-, English -plasia ((medicine) Growth or formation.)

Detailed word origin of normoplasia

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normo- English (eng) (mostly, biology) A normal (standard) level of something, as opposed to corresponding terms beginning with hyper- and hypo-.
-plasia English (eng) (medicine) Growth or formation.
normoplasia English (eng) (medicine) normal development or growth of an organ, without hyperplasia or hypoplasia.

Words with the same origin as normoplasia

Descendants of normo-
normocalcaemia normocapnia normocephalic normocholesterolemia normochromasia normocrinic normocyte normoerythrocyte normoglutaminemic normoglycemia normogonadic normogravity normohydrated normolipemia normolipidemic normophilia normophosphatemia normotension normotensive normothermic normotriglyceridemic abetalipoproteinaemia normouricemic normouricuric normoxia normozoospermic
Descendants of -plasia
anaplasic dysplasia euplasia heteroplasia hyperplasia hyperplastic hyperplastic polyp hypoplasia macroplasia neoplasia neoplastic nonhyperplastic preneoplastic