nucleoskeletal etymology

English word nucleoskeletal comes from English nucleo- (Forming words pertaining to nuclei.), English skeletal

Detailed word origin of nucleoskeletal

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nucleo- English (eng) Forming words pertaining to nuclei.
skeletal English (eng) Haggard, cadaverous, emaciated or gaunt. Of, or relating to the skeleton.
nucleoskeletal English (eng) Of or pertaining to a nucleoskeleton.

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Descendants of nucleo-
carbonucleophile dinucleotide internucleotide mononucleotide nucleocentric nucleocosmochronology nucleocytoplasmic nucleocytoplasmically nucleokinesis nucleomegaly nucleometallation nucleophile nucleophilically nucleophilicity nucleoplasm nucleoskeleton nucleosome nucleotide oligo oligonucleotide overgo polynucleosome trinucleosome trinucleotide