nude etymology

English word nude comes from Latin marem, Proto-Indo-European *nogʷ-, Vulgar Latin masclus, and later Latin masculus ((substantive) A man, male.. Male, masculine.)

Detailed word origin of nude

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marem Latin (lat)
*nogʷ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) naked, to strip; naked
masclus Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
masculus Latin (lat) (substantive) A man, male.. Male, masculine.
*nogʷós Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*nogʷedós Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
masle Old French (fro) Male Male.
*nogʷedos Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Naked.
male English (eng) (sometimes, _, offensive) A human member of the masculine sex or gender.. A plant of the masculine sex.. An animal of the sex that has testes.. One of the male (masculine) sex or gender. (figuratively) Of instruments, tools, or connectors: designed to fit into or penetrate a female counterpart, as in a connector, pipe fitting or laboratory glassware. [from 16th c.]. (grammar, less common [...]
nude English (eng) (with article, "the nude") The state of total nudity.. A color that resembles or evokes bare flesh; a paint, dye, etc. of such color.. A painting, sculpture, photograph or other artwork or mass-media-reproduced image depicting one or more human figure(s) in a state of near or total undress. (of clothing, makeup, etc) Of a color (such as beige or tan) that evokes bare flesh.. Without clothing [...]
nudus Latin (lat) Bare, simple, pure. Poor, needy. Stripped, deprived, destitute. Unadorned. Unclothed, nude, naked.

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Descendants of marem
blackmail clothed clothes email female machete macho mail mailbox mailed mailman male manny marriage married marry masculine nudity
Descendants of *nogʷ-
artistic cannot fortnight goodnight gymnastics midnight naked naughty night nightclub nightfall nightingale nightmare nights nighttime nor not overnight rhythmic tonight whatnot