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English word object comes from Latin iacio, Latin ob

Detailed word origin of object

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iacio Latin (lat) (as a shadow) I project.. (figuratively) I throw out in speaking, let fall, utter, mention, declare.. I lay, set, establish, build, found, construct, erect.. I scatter, sow, throw.. I send forth, emit; bring forth, produce.. I throw, hurl, cast, fling; throw away.
ob Latin (lat) Against; facing. In the direction of, to, towards. On account of, according to, because of, due to, for (the purpose of).
ob- English (eng) (botany) Of a reversed shape.. (non-productive) Against; facing; a combining prefix found in verbs of Latin origin. (Internet, informal) Obligatory; prepended to the name of a topic being mentioned to avoid accusations of being off-topic.
obicio Latin (lat) (figuratively) I bring upon, inspire, inflict, visit, produce, cause.. (figuratively) I throw out against someone, taunt, reproach or upbraid with.. I cast in the way, interpose; set against, oppose.. I hold out, offer, turn over, give over. I throw or put to, towards, in front of or before, present; expose.
obiectus Latin (lat)
objectum Latin (lat)
object English (eng) (category theory) An element within a category upon which functions operate. Thus, a category consists of a set of element objects and the functions that operate on them.. (object-oriented programming) An instantiation of a class or structure.. (obsolete) Sight; show; appearance; aspect.. (grammar) The noun phrase which is an internal complement of a verb phrase or a prepositional phrase. In [...]

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Descendants of iacio
bob eject inject injection jet objection objective project projector reject subject trajectory
Descendants of ob
offer opponent oppose opposite opposition