objective etymology

English word objective comes from Latin obicio, Latin -ivus (Adjective suffix.), French objecter (To object (disagree with something or someone).)

Detailed word origin of objective

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obicio Latin (lat) (figuratively) I bring upon, inspire, inflict, visit, produce, cause.. (figuratively) I throw out against someone, taunt, reproach or upbraid with.. I cast in the way, interpose; set against, oppose.. I hold out, offer, turn over, give over. I throw or put to, towards, in front of or before, present; expose.
-ivus Latin (lat) Adjective suffix.
objecter French (fra) To object (disagree with something or someone).
objectivus Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) objective.
objectif French (fra) Objective (relating to a material object). Objective; impartial (photography) lens; camera lens. Objective, goal, aim.
objective English (eng) (grammar) The objective case; a noun or pronoun in that case.. A goal that is striven for.. A material object that physically exists.. The lens or lenses of a camera, microscope, or other optical device closest to the object being examined. (grammar) Of, or relating to a noun or pronoun used as the object of a verb.. (linguistics, grammar) Of, or relating to verbal conjugation that indicates [...]

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Descendants of obicio
bob object objection
Descendants of -ivus
abusive activate active affirmative aggressive attractive captive competitive effective exclusive explosive extensive fugitive impulsive massive naive native negative productive progressive protective radioactive relative sedative