oblivion etymology

English word oblivion comes from Latin *oblito ((Vulgar Latin) I forget.), Latin oblivisci

Detailed word origin of oblivion

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*oblito Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I forget.
oblivisci Latin (lat)
oblivio Latin (lat) The act of forgetting, forgetfulness.. The state of being forgotten, oblivion.. An amnesty.
oblivion Anglo-Norman (xno)
oblivion English (eng) (obsolete) Amnesty.. The state of being completely forgotten, of being reduced to a state of non-existence, extinction, or nothingness, incl. through war and destruction. (Figuratively) for an area like hell, a wasteland.. The state of forgetting completely, of being oblivious, unconscious, unaware, as when sleeping, drunk, or dead. (transitive) To consign to oblivion; to efface utterly.

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