obvious etymology

English word obvious comes from Latin via (Road, street or path. The right way. Way, method, manner.), Latin ob- (Towards; against.)

Detailed word origin of obvious

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via Latin (lat) Road, street or path. The right way. Way, method, manner.
ob- Latin (lat) Towards; against.
obvius Latin (lat) (figurative) known, familiar. (of objects) at hand, ready. Affable, courteous. Exposed, lying open. In the way. Meeting.
obvious English (eng) Easily discovered, seen, or understood; self-explanatory.

Words with the same origin as obvious

Descendants of via
age average awesome backstage baggage cottage damage footage hostage language luggage marriage massage orphanage package passage passenger previous save stage storage teen teenage voyage
Descendants of ob-
bob object objection objective obligation oblige oblivion obscure observation observe obsessive obsolete obstacle obtain occasion occasional occupation occupy occur offend offender offensive offer opportunity