octad etymology

English word octad comes from English oct- (Form of octa- or octo- used before a vowel.), English -ad (A unit. Toward.)

Detailed word origin of octad

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
oct- English (eng) Form of octa- or octo- used before a vowel.
-ad English (eng) A unit. Toward.
octad English (eng) A group of eight things.

Words with the same origin as octad

Descendants of oct-
octadic octangle octatomic octene octeract octillion octoid octose octoxide octree octyne uranium octoxide
Descendants of -ad
atlantad cephalad chiliad ectad entad haemad hectad hendecad heptad hexad hexadic iniad neurad nonad nonadic pentad pentadic peripherad sinistrad tetrad tetradic thenad ulnad