octofoil etymology

English word octofoil comes from English foil, English octo- (Eight.)

Detailed word origin of octofoil

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foil English (eng) (obsolete) To tread underfoot; to trample.. To blunt; to dull; to spoil.. To prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.. To prevent (something) from being accomplished. (hunting) The track of an animal. (fencing) A very thin sword with a blunted (or foiled) tip. (figuratively) Anything that acts by contrast to emphasise the characteristics of something.. (figuratively) In literature, [...]
octo- English (eng) Eight.
octofoil English (eng) (heraldiccharge) A stylized flower or leaf with eight lobes; a double quatrefoil. Having eight lobes or leaves. [from 19th c.].

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Octomom isooctane octane octanedione octanol octoate octobass octobassist octobrachiate octocellular octocentenary octochamp octocoral octodentate octolateral octolocular octonaphthene octopetalous octophone octopole octoradiated octospermous octoword septopus