oculocardiac etymology

English word oculocardiac comes from English oculo- (Eye.), English cardiac

Detailed word origin of oculocardiac

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oculo- English (eng) Eye.
cardiac English (eng) (dated) Heart disease.. (medicine) A medicine that excites action in the stomach.. A person with heart disease. (medicine, archaic) Exciting action in the heart, through the medium of the stomach; cordial; stimulant.. Pertaining to the cardia.. Pertaining to the heart.
oculocardiac English (eng) Relating to the eyes and heart; applied to a reflex where a decrease in pulse rate is associated with traction applied to extraocular muscles and/or compression of the eyeball.

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oculoauditory oculocephalic oculocutaneous oculodentodigital oculodermal oculodynia oculofacial oculoleptomeningeal oculometric oculometry oculomotion oculomotor oculomucocutaneous syndrome oculonasal oculopathy oculopharyngeal oculoplastic oculorenal oculorhinitis oculosympathetic oculotoxic oculotropic oculovestibular oculozygomatic