oculodentodigital etymology

English word oculodentodigital comes from English digital, English dento- (Tooth or teeth.), English oculo- (Eye.)

Detailed word origin of oculodentodigital

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digital English (eng) Having to do with digits (fingers or toes); performed with a finger.. Of or relating to computers or the Information Age.. Property of representing values as discrete, usually binary, numbers rather than a continuous spectrum. (finance) A digital option.. (uncountable) Digital equipment or technology.
dento- English (eng) Tooth or teeth.
oculo- English (eng) Eye.
oculodentodigital English (eng) (pathology) Affecting the eyes, teeth, and fingers.

Words with the same origin as oculodentodigital

Descendants of digital
digerati digilante digipeater digiscope digiterati digizine
Descendants of dento-
dentoalveolar dentofacial dentolabial dentolegal dentoskeletal
Descendants of oculo-
oculoauditory oculocardiac oculocephalic oculocutaneous oculodermal oculodynia oculofacial oculoleptomeningeal oculometric oculometry oculomotion oculomotor oculomucocutaneous syndrome oculonasal oculopathy oculopharyngeal oculoplastic oculorenal oculorhinitis oculosympathetic oculotoxic oculotropic oculovestibular oculozygomatic