oculomotion etymology

English word oculomotion comes from English motion, English oculo- (Eye.)

Detailed word origin of oculomotion

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motion English (eng) (proscribed) To introduce a motion in parliamentary procedure.. To gesture indicating a desired movement.. To make a proposal; to offer plans. (countable) A change of position with respect to time.. (countable) A parliamentary action to propose something.. (euphemistic) A movement of the bowels; the product of such movement.. (legal) An application made to a court or judge orally in open [...]
oculo- English (eng) Eye.
oculomotion English (eng) The faculty of movement of the eye.

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Descendants of oculo-
oculoauditory oculocardiac oculocephalic oculocutaneous oculodentodigital oculodermal oculodynia oculofacial oculoleptomeningeal oculometric oculometry oculomotor oculomucocutaneous syndrome oculonasal oculopathy oculopharyngeal oculoplastic oculorenal oculorhinitis oculosympathetic oculotoxic oculotropic oculovestibular oculozygomatic