oculomucocutaneous syndrome etymology

English word oculomucocutaneous syndrome comes from English syndrome, English mucocutaneous (Of or pertaining to the mucous membranes and the skin.), English oculo- (Eye.)

Detailed word origin of oculomucocutaneous syndrome

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syndrome English (eng) (pathology) A recognizable pattern of signs, symptoms and/or behaviours, especially of a disease or medical or psychological condition.. Any set of characteristics regarded as identifying a certain type, condition, etc., usually adverse.
mucocutaneous English (eng) Of or pertaining to the mucous membranes and the skin.
oculo- English (eng) Eye.
oculomucocutaneous syndrome English (eng) A condition characterized by keratoconjunctivitis sicca and by scarring, fibrosis, metaplasia, and shrinkage of the conjunctiva; a side effect of the drugs practolol and eperisone.

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Descendants of syndrome
prodrome subsyndromal syndromal syndromic toxidrome
Descendants of oculo-
oculoauditory oculocardiac oculocephalic oculocutaneous oculodentodigital oculodermal oculodynia oculofacial oculoleptomeningeal oculometric oculometry oculomotion oculomotor oculonasal oculopathy oculopharyngeal oculoplastic oculorenal oculorhinitis oculosympathetic oculotoxic oculotropic oculovestibular oculozygomatic