oculoplastic etymology

English word oculoplastic comes from English plastic, English oculo- (Eye.)

Detailed word origin of oculoplastic

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plastic English (eng) (archaic) Any solid but malleable substance.. (colloquial, metonym) Credit or debit cards used in place of cash to buy goods and services.. (obsolete) A sculptor, moulder.. (slang) Fakeness, or a person who is fake or arrogant, or believes that they are better than the rest of the population.. A synthetic, thermoplastic, solid, hydrocarbon-based polymer.. Any similar synthetic material, not [...]
oculo- English (eng) Eye.
oculoplastic English (eng) Relating to oculoplastics.

Words with the same origin as oculoplastic

Descendants of plastic
Plasticine Silastic plamodel plasteel plastiglomerate plastisol pleather
Descendants of oculo-
oculoauditory oculocardiac oculocephalic oculocutaneous oculodentodigital oculodermal oculodynia oculofacial oculoleptomeningeal oculometric oculometry oculomotion oculomotor oculomucocutaneous syndrome oculonasal oculopathy oculopharyngeal oculorenal oculorhinitis oculosympathetic oculotoxic oculotropic oculovestibular oculozygomatic