odontoclast etymology

English word odontoclast comes from English odonto- (Tooth.), English -clast (Something that breaks or destroys.)

Detailed word origin of odontoclast

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odonto- English (eng) Tooth.
-clast English (eng) Something that breaks or destroys.
odontoclast English (eng) A form of osteoclast associated with absorption of the roots of deciduous teeth.

Words with the same origin as odontoclast

Descendants of odonto-
odontic odontoblast odontogenesis odontogenetic odontogenic odontognathous odontograph odontolith odontology odontoma odontopathy odontophobia odontophore odontosection odontotheca
Descendants of -clast
biblioclast bioclast chondroclast cranioclast crystalloclast lithoclast osteoclast osteoclastic osteoclastoma phytoclast preosteoclast pyroclast