odontogenic etymology

English word odontogenic comes from English -genic, English odonto- (Tooth.)

Detailed word origin of odontogenic

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-genic English (eng) Produced or generated by something. Producing or generating something. Suitable to be produced, or reproduced.
odonto- English (eng) Tooth.
odontogenic English (eng) Of or pertaining to the formation and development of teeth. That originates in the tissues of the teeth.

Words with the same origin as odontogenic

Descendants of -genic
Eurogenic acidogenic agnogenic arrhythmogenicity biogenic carcinogenic cardiogenic cariogenic cladogenic cryogenic endogenic lysogenicity mediagenicity monogenic myceliogenic neurogenic osteogenic pathogenic petrogenic photogenicity psychogenic tenogenic toxicogenic transgenic tremorogenic
Descendants of odonto-
odontic odontoblast odontoclast odontogenesis odontogenetic odontognathous odontograph odontolith odontology odontoma odontopathy odontophobia odontophore odontosection odontotheca