odontosection etymology

English word odontosection comes from English section, English odonto- (Tooth.)

Detailed word origin of odontosection

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section English (eng) (British) To commit (a person, to a hospital, with or without their consent), as for mental health reasons. So called after various sections of legal acts regarding mental health.. (medical): To perform a cesarean section on (someone).. To cut, divide or separate into pieces. (Canadian) A one-mile square area of land, defined by a government survey.. (NZ) A piece of residential land; a [...]
odonto- English (eng) Tooth.
odontosection English (eng) (surgery) An incision into a tooth.

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The Strip
Descendants of odonto-
odontic odontoblast odontoclast odontogenesis odontogenetic odontogenic odontognathous odontograph odontolith odontology odontoma odontopathy odontophobia odontophore odontotheca