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English word office comes from Latin -ionem, Proto-Indo-European *h₃op-, and later Latin opificium (Work.).

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-ionem Latin (lat)
*h₃op- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*opi-fak-io- Latin (lat)
opifex Latin (lat) Someone who does work (especially creative or constructive); worker, maker, framer, fabricator, workman, mechanic, artificer, craftsman, inventor, artist, artisan.
opificium Latin (lat) Work.
officium Latin (lat) (figurative) an obligatory service, visit, or gesture. Duty, service. Office.
office English (eng) (Catholicism) The daily service of the breviary, the liturgy for each canonical hour, including psalms, collects, and lessons.. (Catholicism, usually capitalized) Short for Holy Office: the court of final appeal in cases of heresy.. (Christianity) A daily service without the eucharist.. (Christianity) Any special liturgy, as the Office for the Dead or of the Virgin.. (Christianity) Last [...]

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