oleograph etymology

English word oleograph comes from English -graph, English oleo- (Oil or oil-based materials.)

Detailed word origin of oleograph

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-graph English (eng) (by analogy) that draws or shows. (metonymic) that is drawn or shown. (metonymic) that is written. A group of letters of a specified number.. That writes.
oleo- English (eng) Oil or oil-based materials.
oleograph English (eng) (arts) A type of chromolithograph, using oil paint on canvas, that attempts to imitate oil painting.

Words with the same origin as oleograph

Descendants of -graph
autograph photo photography polygraph
Descendants of oleo-
olein oleochemical oleochemistry oleocystidium oleodistillate oleogum oleomargarine oleophilic oleophobic oleophobicity oleoresin oleoyl