oligoclase etymology

English word oligoclase comes from English oligo- (Few.), English -clase ((mineralogy) fracture (having a fracture of such a form).)

Detailed word origin of oligoclase

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oligo- English (eng) Few.
-clase English (eng) (mineralogy) fracture (having a fracture of such a form).
oligoclase English (eng) (mineralogy) A plagioclase feldspar, the second member of the Albite-Anorthite solid solution series. Primarily found as small crystals in impure marble. Oligoclase contains a small amount of calcium substituting for some of the sodium in its formula. Oligoclase with reddish-golden inclusions found in Norway and Canada is called sunstone.

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Descendants of oligo-
diphosphooligosaccharide fructooligosaccharide oligoarginine oligochitosan oligochrome oligoclonal oligocone oligocrystalline oligodynamic oligolecithal oligomania oligopeptidase oligopeptide oligopetalous oligopotency oligopotent oligopsony oligopyrimidine oligosemy oligosialic oligosilane oligosome oligosymptomatic oligotrophic
Descendants of -clase
euclase orthoclase orthoclasic plagioclase