oligocone etymology

English word oligocone comes from English cone, English oligo- (Few.)

Detailed word origin of oligocone

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cone English (eng) (category theory) An object V together with an arrow going from V to each object of a diagram such that for any arrow A in the diagram, the pair of arrows from V which subtend A also commute with it. (Then V can be said to be the cone’s vertex and the diagram which the cone subtends can be said to be its base.). (geometry) A solid of revolution formed by rotating a triangle around one of its [...]
oligo- English (eng) Few.
oligocone English (eng) Having a reduced number of functioning cone cells.

Words with the same origin as oligocone

Descendants of cone
Conehead conal conal artery coniform conization conoid conotoxin diconical snowclone
Descendants of oligo-
diphosphooligosaccharide fructooligosaccharide oligoarginine oligochitosan oligochrome oligoclase oligoclonal oligocrystalline oligodynamic oligolecithal oligomania oligopeptidase oligopeptide oligopetalous oligopotency oligopotent oligopsony oligopyrimidine oligosemy oligosialic oligosilane oligosome oligosymptomatic oligotrophic