oncometer etymology

English word oncometer comes from English -meter (Used to form the names of measuring devices.), English onco- (Pertaining to tumors.)

Detailed word origin of oncometer

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-meter English (eng) Used to form the names of measuring devices.
onco- English (eng) Pertaining to tumors.
oncometer English (eng) (physiology) An instrument for measuring the variations in size of the internal organs of the body.

Words with the same origin as oncometer

Descendants of -meter
accelerometer altimeter arthrometer barometer calorimeter calorimetry dioptometer dynamometer fluorometer geoboard geometry glucometer hodometer holometer inclinometer lucimeter pantometer photopolarimeter pulsimeter spectrometer symmetry tachometer tiltmeter trig trigonometry
Descendants of onco-
oncoapoptosis oncocyte oncofertility oncofetal oncogene oncogenesis oncogenic oncogenomic oncogenotype oncograph oncolytic oncometabolite oncomir oncomouse onconeural onconeuronal oncoplastic oncoprotein oncosis oncostatic oncosuppressor oncotarget oncotype proto-oncogene