oncostatic etymology

English word oncostatic comes from English onco- (Pertaining to tumors.), English static

Detailed word origin of oncostatic

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onco- English (eng) Pertaining to tumors.
static English (eng) (programming) Computed, created or allocated before the program starts running, and usually not changeable at runtime. Immobile; fixed in place; having no motion.. Unchanging; that cannot or does not change. (by extension, uncountable) Interference or obstruction from people.. (countable) A static caravan.. (countable, programming) A static variable.. (uncountable) Interference on a [...]
oncostatic English (eng) That halts the spread of a cancer.

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Descendants of onco-
oncoapoptosis oncocyte oncofertility oncofetal oncogene oncogenesis oncogenic oncogenomic oncogenotype oncograph oncolytic oncometabolite oncometer oncomir oncomouse onconeural onconeuronal oncoplastic oncoprotein oncosis oncosuppressor oncotarget oncotype proto-oncogene
Descendants of static
statite stiction