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English word onto comes from English on, English to

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on English (eng) (informal) In the possession of.. (mathematics) Generated by.. (mathematics) Having V^n as domain and V as codomain, for some set V and integer n.. (mathematics) Having identical domain and codomain.. (obsolete) At the peril of, or for the safety of.. (obsolete, regional) of. Regularly taking (a drug).. Under the influence of (a drug).. At a given time after the start of something; at.. At [...]
to English (eng) A particle used for marking the following verb as an infinitive.. As above, with the verb implied. (nautical) Into the wind.. Toward a closed, touching or engaging position. (Canada, UK, Newfoundland, West Midlands) At.. (arithmetic) Used to indicate ratios; in informal use the ratios are not reduced to smallest terms.. (arithmetic) Used to indicate that the preceding term is to be raised to [...]
onto English (eng) (informal) Aware of.. (mathematics) Being an onto function with a codomain of (see below).. Upon; on top of. (mathematics, of a function) Assuming each of the values in its codomain; having its range equal to its codomain.

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