oospecies etymology

English word oospecies comes from English species, English oo- (Relating to eggs or ova.)

Detailed word origin of oospecies

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species English (eng) (Christianity) Either of the two elements of the Eucharist after they have been consecrated.. (mineralogy) A mineral with a unique chemical formula whose crystals belong to a unique crystallographic system.. (obsolete) The image of something cast on a surface, or reflected from a surface, or refracted through a lens or telescope; a reflection.. (taxonomy) A rank in the classification of [...]
oo- English (eng) Relating to eggs or ova.
oospecies English (eng) (taxonomy) An ootaxon, equivalent to a species, used to classify fossilised dinosaur eggs.

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Descendants of species
bork specie subspecific vedalia
Descendants of oo-
aboospore ooblast oocyan oocyst oofamily oogamy oogenesis oogenetic oogenus ooid ooidal oolite oolitic oologic oological oologist oology oophagy oophore oophorous oophyte oospore ootaxon oozooid