opposition etymology

English word opposition comes from Ancient Greek ἀντί, Ancient Greek θέσις, Latin oppono (I oppose.. I set against.), Late Latin oppositiō

Detailed word origin of opposition

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ἀντί Ancient Greek (grc)
θέσις Ancient Greek (grc)
oppono Latin (lat) I oppose.. I set against.
oppositiō Late Latin (LL)
ἀντίθεσις Ancient Greek (grc)
oppositio Late Latin (LL)
oposicion Old French (fro)
opposition English (eng) (astronomy) The apparent relative position of two celestial bodies when one is at an angle of 180 degrees from the other as seen from the Earth.. (chess) A position in which the player on the move must yield with his king allowing his opponent to advance with his own king.. (legal) In United States intellectual property law, a proceeding in which an interested party seeks to prevent the [...]

Words with the same origin as opposition

Descendants of ἀντί
anthem antidote
Descendants of θέσις
Descendants of oppono
opponent oppose opposite