optoacoustic etymology

English word optoacoustic comes from English acoustic, English opto- (Eye, vision, light.)

Detailed word origin of optoacoustic

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acoustic English (eng) (music) Naturally producing or produced by an instrument without electrical amplification, as an acoustic guitar or acoustic piano.. Pertaining to the sense of hearing, the organs of hearing, or the science of sounds; auditory. (medicine) A medicine or other agent to assist hearing.
opto- English (eng) Eye, vision, light.
optoacoustic English (eng) (physics) Describing any of several interactions between light and sound.

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optochemical optocoupler optoelectric optoelectronic optogalvanic optogenetic optogram optoisolated optoisolator optokinesis optokinetic optology optomagnonic optomechanics optometrically optometrist optometry optomotor optophobia optophone optoporation optospintronics optotype optotypic